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Developer needed to help with successfully kickstarted project: Reincarnation: The Root of All Evil

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Chris Gianelloni, the creator of the flash based game series "Reincarnation" & countless other flash based games, over the years has decided to develop his latest game of the Reincarnation series with Visionaire Studio & is looking for help with the development & coding side of the game...

Chris needs your help, developing the first episodic installment of the game & possibly more, in the future.

The first episode contains 10 scenes & 9 characters which need piecing together, besides the game play mechanics, interfaces etc. All the art work, resources & story etc is complete for the first episode, but it still needs piecing together; not unlike one of those complex jumbo, jigsaw puzzles.

Quick summary of the games storyline:
You play as Vile, a demon from the underworld, who goes on a bit of a bender & wakes up to find that something foul is at play & that everything in hell is not as it seems & thus begins your journey to right the - err? - wrongs & restore hell back to its former glory!

If you would like to help then, you can contact Chris on here via PM, this thread or via skype @ cgianelloni.

* Decent grasp of the English language; if you speak any other languages then that's a bonus!
* Competent grasp on the workings - inner & outer - of Visionaire; if you know any Lua, then all the better.
* Some previous work to show for reference, would also be nice.
* Be able to set aside plenty of time to work on this project (night & day, if possible < slave labor & all that)
* Must love adventure games! (anyone on here, must surely do anyway, so bit of a mute point really)

Additional notes:

The current time frame for getting episode one ready for release is approx 3 months; hence the need for someone who has quite a bit of spare time on their hands that they can set aside to dedicate on developing the game.