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Jason The Greek Last days on Kickstarter!

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A point and click adventure set in Ancient Greece? You'd FETA believe it! It's Jason and The Argonauts meets Captain Kirk!

Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos is a new take on the old-school point and click adventure games inspired by titles like Monkey Island, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Discworld and the awesome Hector Badge of Carnage series. It’s a 2D extravaganza with you taking charge as Jason The Greek in a world of myths, legends, demi-Gods and puns galore.

  1. Explore a unique take on the classic Greek myth in it's own cartoon style!
  2. Interact with characters, objects, items and crabs!
  3. Solve mysteries and uncover a dark secret (oooo)!
  4. Romance a princess!
  5. Escape from a princesses bedroom before she wakes up.
  6. And basically steal any item that isn't nailed to the floor...

Inspired by my love of Greek legends and an almost greater love of sci-fi spoofery it's Jason and The Argonauts meets Captain Kirk and crew. It's hard to believe I'm married, I know.