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Participation and restrictions.

Hi, Folks!

First of all, sorry for my bad English. I hope someone can help me out and edit this post.wink

Me and my team decided to start the long-awaited Visionaire -contest. At the same time we are dedicated participants smile. After some thoughts we came to the conclusion that there could be a topic without too many restrictions regarding the setting. We thought about a topic allowing enough free creative space.

Stepping Across The Line

We think everyone immediately has some associations in mind what these lines/limits could be. In a physikal way the "line" could be a castle wall,the border between two countries or even the bars separating the wild animal in a zoo from the visitors. In a more subtle context, the line that someone has to overstep in order to loose his fear of height could be a ladder to climb. An other example could be - overstepping the bounds of good taste.
there are no limits to the imagination roll


  1. topic: stepping across the line
  2. Application until Monday 20th of August, but you still can join the contest later
  3. finished project after 5 weeks at Sunday 23th of September
  4. a small finished game or a demo-version of a bigger project as final result

Have a lot of fun creating some adorable games!!

Greetings Damiano