Zak McKracken - between time & space


What's going on with that Director's Cut of "Zak McKracken: Between Time And Space?"

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That must have been the most frequently asked question for the last weeks.  But since there has actually quite a lot been happening behind the scenes, I am no longer going to keep you in suspense but from now on promise to keep you posted regularly about upcoming project milestones. 

In a nutshell, time utterly FLEW after our 2008 release party, let alone those whopping 7 (!) years of development time which did inevitably call for a short hiatus.

However, things DID indeed continue a few weeks after the party, including: storyline extensions (also to cover some brand-new, additional sequences NOT featured in our initial German release) as well as technical tasks like bug fixes, UI overhauls, or even important enhancements in the game engine core.

So in the meantime, we can happily announce you some progress in-game...and in order to whet your appetite a little bit even at this early stage, I proudly present you some images from the new Mexico episode in this update. As you can see, you may have "sky-high" expectations about getting maximum gaming fun real soon! Our special thanks must go to our 3D graphics wizard Daniel Carl who really did an excellent job during the last months.

Please note that a follow-up to this article is currently in the works which will disclose even more details about the current progress in the project. So see you soon again at this place!