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Some already may know him from the Zak McKracken discussion boards on ... but now we introduce him officially: The guy behind Zachary McKracken is Seth Paul. He did an amazing job in the last months. Read this article and listen to some of his ingame sentences.

Here is what seth says about himself:
I'm Seth, and, barring anything untoward happening, sometime in the near future you'll be playing the multi-lingual edition of Between Time and Space...and if you listen closely, you just might catch my voice as part of the English language cast.

I'll be the guy with the red tie trying to save the world.

But in all honesty and humility, it really was an honor to be a part of the cast. I hadn't heard anything about Zak McKracken in 1988 when I got it as a Christmas present as a kid, but that game began a life-long love affair with the adventure genre, and it's one of the few I managed to beat without hints (granted, it was years later; reminder to everyone that mazes do need mapping out from time to time). I had heard about a few of the planned (but now, sadly, fallen through) sequels throughout the years, but it was about late 2008 when I first saw that one had actually gotten released. Unfortunately, I don't speak German, so I was a little crestfallen at the time, but buoyed by the fact that there was a translation in the works.

It was a little while later that I noticed an open call for voice casting. I had done some voice acting locally, nothing big, so I sent in a sample. I figured at the very least, I'd get a "Thanks, but no thanks" letter, or if I was lucky, a bit part in the background. Maybe the Caponian with the mustache in the picture.

But then I got the letter asking me to do Zak. I was floored. If I only knew back in '88 that 20 years later I'd be doing the voice for one of my favorite game characters of all time...

And then came the realization that I'd actually have to RECORD the dialogue. A LOT of it. As in, probably about 5000 lines, give or take, and that doesn't even count all the technical mishaps that happened along the way (trust me, MP3s can be fickle things). I can't say every moment of recording, cutting, pasting, and normalizing was exciting, but the Zak team are great people: they've been cool, were there every step of the way during the recording process, and love The Simpsons...what more can you ask? And from what I've seen of the project, it's definitely worth the many year labor of love. And like a lot of you, I can't wait to play the finished product (though I don't know if I can play it with the voices turned on; it would just be strange to hear my voice coming out of Zak, but that's just me).

As for outside of Zak? Well, though I do like acting, my first love is writing (and by the length of this post, you've probably noticed). I've been working on a lot of stuff over the years (though my career as a novelist is still a long ways off), but most recently I've been doing a lot of comedy writing/acting for commentaries sold on the Rifftrax website (it's run by 3 of the actors from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and they have a section where amateur "riffers" can try their hand at making fun of movies of all kinds). It's not enough to quit my day job by any means, but it's definitely more fun. But I won't turn this into a shameless plug, so I'll stop now."

Thank you very much support, seth. You did an incredible job here and we could not find any better one for this job smile