Zak McKracken has to rescue the world... again!  Follow him on his new journey.

Project Status

For months since the release of the original German version of "Zak McKracken: Between Time and Space", we've been working behind the scenes on a Director's Cut release which, aside from various enhancements and additional features, will eventually include an English-language version.

We would prefer not to keep it as a mere translation, though. If all goes according to our plans, the characters in the game shall be professionally voice-dubbed as well.

This will, however, require some help from YOU guys! If you are capable of speaking clearly, have semi-professional recording equipment on hand and would like to support us, please contact us and send a sample of your voice to...

Please note that we're a fan project, and unfortunately cannot pay you any money for your work; however, your effort will certainly be most gratefully appreciated by an uncountably huge number of adventure game fans all over the world.