Zak McKracken muss wieder die Welt retten. Es wartet auf ihn eine haarsträubende Reise, in der er Raum und Zeit durchqueren muss.
Zak McKracken
Long ago, Zak McKracken was a usual hack-writer for the National Inquisitor but after his last story he not only became bestseller-author, heart-throb and editor-in-chief of his own local rag - he also became the world's savior.

After some former Mars-inhabitants, the Skolarians, sent him messages through dreams he saved mankind from being stupidified by the evil Caponians. So now you would think that Zak went down as a hero and now is not only a rich but also a notable man - You wish! - His time in the limelight did not last very long, thats why he is not a bestseller-author nor a heart-throb anymore.

The only thing left is his baby, the National Infiltrator, Zak's own newspaper... but the sales figures hit rock bottom. Although Zak would love to write some more books, he can't get off his job as a reporter. Everything is a new story to him and he ends up writing about this worlds oddities.

Zak didn't capture his beloved Annie's heart and still sleeps in bed alone at night... every night.

Sushi III jun.

Sushi III jun. is Zak's loyal fish-friend. Somehow Zak always had some... umm... "problems" with his pets and he already had to arrange two fish-funerals in the recent past. Sushi is an extraordinary fish and likes to eat his fish food from the pet-store. He also loves to swim around in circles in his fish-bowl and watch the world go by. To be perfectly honest: Sushi's very boring.

Jerry Brockhaus

Jerry Brockhaus is a very smart guy. He says he skipped five grades in school and made history as north-america's youngest medical student, later working as a plastic surgeon. He also did commercials for the Titan Cutter™ Knife Company and not only became an infomercial celebrity, but was also provided a life-time-supply of Titan Cutter™ knives. After he cut off a little too much than just the nail of a patient's big toe his carreer as a plastic surgeon ended abruptly. Ever since that day he has been traumatized and can't stand to see any blood. Nowadays he only uses his Titan Cutter™ knife working for Zak to cut out adverts, each day hoping that he won't cut himself.

Deborah „Debbie“ Belvedere
Debby has known Zak quite a long time, she already worked with him at the National Infiltrator. After she found out that Zak wanted to start his own business, she immediately offered him to join his company. Debbie seems to have a crush on Zak and she shows it. As a secretary all she does is sit at her typewriter and type away all day. Deborah is a spectacled cobra - she can't see a thing without her glasses. Jerry and Zak sometimes play tricks on her and hide her glasses...