Zak McKracken muss wieder die Welt retten. Es wartet auf ihn eine haarsträubende Reise, in der er Raum und Zeit durchqueren muss.
For months since the release of the original German version of "Zak McKracken: Between Time and Space", we've been working behind the scenes on a Director's Cut release which, aside from various enhancements and additional features, will eventually include an English-language version.

We would prefer not to keep it as a mere translation, though. If all goes according to our plans, the characters in the game shall be professionally voice-dubbed as well.

This will, however, require some help from YOU guys! If you are capable of speaking clearly, have semi-professional recording equipment on hand and would like to support us, please contact us and send a sample of your voice to...

Please note that we're a fan project, and unfortunately cannot pay you any money for your work; however, your effort will certainly be most gratefully appreciated by an uncountably huge number of adventure game fans all over the world.