Zak McKracken muss wieder die Welt retten. Es wartet auf ihn eine haarsträubende Reise, in der er Raum und Zeit durchqueren muss.
The Zak McKracken2-Team uses the adventure-engine "Visionaire" for the creation of the game. Using "Visionaire", creating computer-games (especially graphic-adventures) becomes a piece of cake without the need of any coding-experiences. The only thing you need to utilize "Visionaire" - except from a little training with the program - is creativity and fantasy.


• creation of many different adventure-styles is possible: Maniac Mansion, Sam'n'Max, Monkey Island, Clever & Smart, Runaway and many more...
• no coding-experiences needed
• every single setting can be made in the editor

• fast game-play
• extra-smooth scrolling on oversized locations
• parallax-scrolling (horizontal and vertical)
• action-system (comparable to the action-script-system in Adobe Flash)
• inventory-system (also SCUMM-like)
• edges for "free"-walking on the locations
• support of the graphic-formats pcx, png, gif and jpg
• all resolutions possible
• OpenGL and Direct3D support
• including of AVI-movies
• sound-system for all major formats, MP3-support
• background-music (also location-spanning) and sounds
• particle-system for effects like rain and fire (only available in the full-version)

• two playable and editable demo-games
• tutorials for the usage of the editor
• help on special functions of the editor

more information about "Visionaire":